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                                       This photograph, taken from the Blisworth
                                       end of Blisworth Tunnel, shows the other
                                       end which has been magnified to give an
                                       impression of length at only 305 yards rather
                                       than the actual 3056* yards - more details
                                       * - also given as 3076 yards.

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Canal Images                    Tunnel Images                   The New Canal Partnership - local issues

The Improvement Work by the New Canal Partnership 2009 onwards

Canal Boat images - by J Payler, mostly     J Payler Collection of Archive Pictures     Obituary of J Payler
                                                                                    Commemorative Exhibition of J Payler's Pictures

The new Blisworth Marina                                  Bicentenary Images - the Blisworth Celebrations

25th Anniversary of Tunnel Repairs - Celebrations      Canal Festivals 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
                                                                                                         2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 . . .

"From Tunnel end to end" - Historical Walk, Blisworth to Stoke Bruerne

The Hill Railway, 1800-5, Images and Story         Narrow Boat Decoration - a collection

Historical Boats - just a text list from a now defunct website

The History of Blisworth Arm - collection of links and a timeline

A little bit on LEGGING - re-enactment, horse boat society, etc.

Original Tunnel Construction - suggested sequence of events,  Tony Marsh

Tunnel Repairs, 1980s  -  "Story pages" with photos by R. Garrett and G. Freeston.
Memoirs by Robin Garrett (British Waterways Engineer)       Memoirs by George Freeston

The Royal Ordnance Depot at Weedon - photos, map from 1920 and 2006/8

British Waterways largest project (!) at Blisworth, since the Tunnel Repairs.

19th Century Maps of the Canal        The Ludlams - G Freeston        Thomas Millner - Dave Goodwin

The Motor Vessel Blisworth - part of Grand Union Company's north-sea fleet.

Background picture:  Steam Tug "Anslow" by the Ironstone Bridge, 1930  Walter Alexander