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"Mission Statement"

Rationale:   The first thing to make clear is that this website has no connection with Blisworth Parish Council.  The basic objective of the website is to maintain an on-line archive which combines the historical material from George Freeston's collection with more recent writings on the history of the village and with an on-going record of recent major developments in the village which in turn becomes history too.

How the aims shifted over time:   The original intention behind this website was to provide villagers with a knowledge of the historical pictures that we have, and at long last an opportunity to obtain copies, copyright permitting.  That was in 2005.  It rapidly became evident that a number of people, who were related to earlier residents of the village, wanted to have their "stories" added.  The material on the site then expanded considerably but by early 2010 the flow of new material had steadied to only a trickle.   By then the collection had amounted to what some might refer to as a substantial reference archive.  Now, with the emergence of a 'sudden rash' of diverse Blisworth based websites (please see the "dot org" home page on www.blisworth.org.uk), it seemed reasonable to emphasise the "on-line" archive attribute so that the pages here may concentrate on village history, including major recent events.  Some such events may be logged here in a narrative that has no connection what so ever with the Blisworth Parish Council.  This is an independent site and sometimes might carry opinions or interpretations of events that the council would not necessarily approve of.

To our readers:   Naturally, I am always open to suggestions for improving the presentation on this site and enhancing the quality of the material.  Some may have valuable ideas and we are keen to hear them.  By the way, I am never shy of linking to other sites in order to satisfy an assumed keenness of any browsing user to chase up anything related.  Links are without prejudice - competition on the internet is to be abhorred.

The old-fashioned look to the site is going to be maintained so it will stand out from the 'sameness' of nearly all the others.  The simple, text-based, hyperlinks are the easiest to learn about for any future incoming webmaster or his "dog". No "Flash" is used because we do not want to loose any vital material in someone's browser, which works just fine but happens to not quite comply for Flash-playing through no fault of the end-user. Flash is a current craze, especially for boy-webmasters.